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It’s frustrating when your carton sealing tape isn’t sticking as well as it should. Here are a few things to check:

Why is my packing tape not sticking?

  1. Check to see the amount of recycled content on the box. You may need to use a hot melt or natural rubber adhesive tape.
  2. Check to see if there is debris or dust on the box.
  3. Check the tension on your tape gun.
  4. Be mindful of the weather and extreme conditions.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, everyone. Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here. The most common question we get asked by customers is why their carton sealing tape isn’t sticking. There are quite a few reasons to look at it for this problem. And I could probably talk about this for hours, but unfortunately we only have a couple of minutes.

One thing that gets overlooked is that carton sealing tape is actually pressure sensitive tape so that means when you’re taping up a box like this, it always helps to swipe it on top. That way the bond of that adhesive and the corrugated, it gets really stuck together. Another thing to look at is whether or not the box you’re using has a lot of recycled content.

The more recycled content a box has. That means there’s less fibers for the, adhesive of the tape to stick to. So you might want to think about switching to a hot melt or even a natural rubber adhesive tape. You can also look to see if your box is dirty or dusty. If you leave your boxes in the warehouse,

there’s a very high chance that your boxes will get dusty. With that layer of dust on your box, it’s very hard for adhesive to grab onto. So you’ll probably see a lot of pop-ups on your tape. The last two things actually referenced our previous videos. First is the tension of your tape gun. If it’s too tight or too loose, your tape won’t apply to stick properly.

Finally, you have to factor weather into the equation. If you’re using hot melt tape and it’s extremely cold outside, it’s not going to stick well. If using an acrylic tape and it’s hot out, then it’s not going to stick well either. So you really have to look at all these different factors. For more information on our carton sealing tape,

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