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To sum it up briefly:

The differences between hot melt and acrylic adhesive tape depend on your application. As stated in the video, acrylic is the most commonly used tape, it’s inexpensive and works well for cold settings. However, it has a hard release and is loud when used and can create wear and tear for machines.

What is Hot Melt Tape?

Hot melt tape is a strong adhesive tape that works well on recycled and corrugated boxes.

The material used in the tape is a rubber and resin adhesive so it is a bit more expensive compared to acrylic tape. It also has a quicker tack and easier release compared to acrylic tape as well.

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Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, this is Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here.

Today, I want to talk about the simplest thing of packaging or back to the basics, how to pick a packaging tape to use.

I know it seems silly, but if you’re not a packaging nerd like us, then packaging tape is just tape, but there’s actually a difference in how they perform and how much they cost.

The two most common carton sealing tapes that we sell at Chu’s packaging Supplies are acrylic and hot melt and both have their own characteristics.

Acrylic is the most commonly used tape. If you’re going for something quick and inexpensive acrylic is the way to go. It works well in the cold and it’s inexpensive.

The downside on acrylic is that it’s loud. So you hear that noise there, and it has a hard release, which means that if we’re using this on a machine, there’s going to be a lot more wear and tear.

The other type to use is hot melt. So hot melt is great, it’s slightly more expensive. But it works well on recycled boxes.

So a lot of companies use recycled corrugated, and it has a quicker tack and has an easier release and it’s not as loud.

So you kind of hear this compared to that acrylic is not as loud. The downside of hot melt is that the standard hot melt doesn’t work well in the cold, we have a cold temperature version of it, but it’s more for specific applications.

So when picking out a tape, choose wisely. Depending on your budget and the application that you’re using it for. For more information on our full line of tapes, please make sure to visit

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