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Today we’re covering the differences between conventional stretch film and pre-stretch film.

Click the video above to learn in less than 1 minute, which stretch film is right for your shipping department or read the video transcript below!

Hey everyone. Ricky Chu, from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here.

One item that’s used commonly in shipping is pallet wrapping stretch film.

Aside from the conventional stretch film, we offer a pre-stretch version like this roll here, there’s a lot of benefits to pre-stretch film.

One of the main things is that’s a lot lighter than a conventional roll.

So this pre-stretch roll weighs about four pounds per roll as compared to a standard 1880 roll that weighs around eight to nine pounds.

So that’s a lot easier for your shipping department to carry around. Also pre-stretched film is much more durable. You drop it on the floor, rip it a little bit , nick the corners, you don’t have to worry about it tearing.

You can continue using it. Whereas with conventional stretch film, if you nick the edges over here, it’s going to rip until you get past that.

Both films are really good. It depends on your shipping department and your shipping team, what their preferences are, whatever it makes it easier for them obviously, but we have a full line of stretch films.

You can find everything on our website.

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