In this video, we explain why your water activated tape isn’t unwinding properly. We’ll explain what you can do to avoid any issues in the future to prevent losing an entire roll of tape.

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone, Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here. Another question that we get asked a lot by our customers is why their water activated tape isn’t unwinding. This is pretty easy to diagnose because of the nature of the tape in its regular form. Water activated tape has a dry adhesive on the back.

Which causes it to unwind very, very easily. As you could see here, once it gets wet, it’s game over and the roll sticks to itself. So make sure you store the water activated tape in a dry area. Sometimes people don’t realize it because it doesn’t rain that much in California, but if you’re restoring your tape in the warehouse or in the office,

and there’s a small leak in the roof just happens to be over your case of tape or a roll of tape. It’ll drip on top, and it’ll cause it to stick together. Leaving the tape outside where there’s moisture in the morning or dampness that can cause it to stick together. Also, if you have rolls sitting on a table where somebody’s eating or drinking and a cup of water spills over then that tape is pretty much useless after that.

So make sure with your water activated tape that you keep it in a very dry area away from any type of moisture or a possibility of spills. For more information on our full water activated tape line, please visit our website at