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It’s important to protect your furniture when you’re moving, not only to keep your furniture in good condition, but also to prevent damaging other objects.

How Can I Secure My Moving Blankets & Furniture Pads?

Typically, professional movers use moving rubber bands in order to secure the blankets to the furniture.

However, for the average person, you can quickly use a roll of tape to secure the moving blanket. Wrap it around the furniture and you can even go across, diagonally or any direction to help you secure the blanket.

Click the video above to see how we did it in just a few seconds.

Video Transcript:

Hey, everyone, Ricky Chu here from Chu’s Packaging Supplies.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about moving pads or they’re also referred to as moving blankets. Moving pads are one of the items in our product line that while movers are very familiar with them. Generally normal people like us, they don’t really, know how to use them or are familiar with how to use them.

The purpose of the moving blanket is to protect furniture when you’re moving it around. If you’re anything like me, every time you move something, you’re going to bump into a wall, a door, car, another person. So you want to make sure that the furniture is protected and doesn’t get dinged, but because it’s just a big pad, our general size is 72 inches by 80 inches.

When you wrap around a piece of furniture, it’s kind of slippery and might slide off. So we’ve had people ask us, how do you secure a moving blanket after you wrapped the furniture with it? So I’ll show you how to do it right here. Most important is to get it around the areas that you want to protect it. Like I said, most furniture has a smooth surface.

So when you’re moving around, it could slide around. One way to secure it is to use a moving rubber band. But most of us don’t have those readily available, the quickest and easiest way to do it is to use a roll of tape.

It’s tight firm, won’t slip off. I only did a couple of wraps here, but you can do anything you want you to go around cross diagonal just to make sure the pad doesn’t slide off when you’re moving it around. For more information on our moving pads and our entire line of moving supplies, please make sure to visit our website at

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