Are you unsure about the differences between the types of water activated tape? Watch the video above and learn the differences in less than 1 minute or continue below!

Differences between Reinforced vs Non-Reinforced Water Activated Tape

Non-Reinforced Water Activated Tape Features:

  • Made of Paper
  • Rips Easily
  • Great for lighter-duty shipments

Reinforced Water Activated Tape Features:

  • Made with fiberglass strands that make it reinforced
  • Unable to rip or tear it by hand cleanly
  • Great for heavy-duty shipments

Video Transcript

Hey everyone. Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here.

One of the questions we get asked a lot is what the difference is between reinforced and non reinforced water activated tape. I have two rolls of tape here. So I could show you the difference.

On the reinforced, you can see here that there’s fiberglass strands.

That makes it a lot stronger.

So if I try to tear it, I can’t tear it by hand.

So this helps for security and for heavy shipments.

For a non-reinforced, you see the surface is a lot smoother. There’s no fiberglass strands in there for lighter duty shipments. It’s also paper, but you can see rips really easily.

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