Water activated tape (or gummed paper tape) is commonly used and there’s a high chance you’ve seen it on your packages.

Click the video above to learn how you can use water activated tape in about 1 minute!

Video Transcript:

Hey everyone. Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here. One of the most popular tapes being used right now is the water activated paper tape. One of the key things to remember about this is in the name ‘water activated’. If you take a normal roll of WAT and you feel the backside of the adhesive, it’s dry and smooth.

So if you try to apply this directly to a box, nothing’s going to happen. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your tape. Just means that you need a dispenser or at least a sponge and a cup of water to actually activate adhesive on the tape for it to work. Hence the name of water activated tape.

We have a dispenser here and we filled up/ loaded up with, a roll of water activated tape. I’ll kind of show you how it works. Pull, there’s a reservoir of water here. Once you pull this lever, it gets wet. And now that adhesive works.

Apply that to the box It seals. You need a dispenser or at least a cup of water and a sponge to activate the adhesive. So you can apply it onto a box. Hence the name water activated tape. For more information on our full line of water activated tapes and dispensers, please visit our website at www.chuspkg.com.