Video Transcript:

Hi everyone, Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here. Aside from our standard clear & tan carton sealing tapes, we offer a full line of color tapes, everything from pink, green, yellow, orange, black, white, red, blue, et cetera. So why would you need colored tape? The first reason is inventory control. You can use a specific color to mark when a product is received and which one to ship out first.

Like I could say anything marked with the blue tape needs to ship out in October and anything marked with the white tape, that needs to ship out in November. On that same note, if I have multiple ship-to locations, I can use the colored tape to designate which shipments go to which location as well.

Lastly, the colored tape could add a little personality to your shipment. Like, we’re going to use pink for our shipments, that go out in October to recognize breast cancer awareness month. And then we can switch to black and orange for the fall season and Halloween. And for Christmas and the holiday season, you could use green and red tape.

The possibilities are really endless of how many things you could do with the colored tape. For more information on our colored tape line, please visit our website at