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Video Transcript:

Hi everyone. Ricky Chu, from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here today.

I want to teach you about how to order a bubble wrap. As fun as it is to pop bubble wrap, sometimes ordering it gets a little bit confusing.

Some websites sell it by the roll, some websites sell by the bundle. So if you don’t calculate it right, you could be severely overpaying for your bubble wrap.

Then there are terms like slit and perf to add to the confusion.

Perf just means perforation. So these little dotted lines here that makes it easy to tear into tiny sheets. That’s perforation. Slit means how it’s cut. So over here, I have a full bundle of bubble wrap, 48 inches wide. So when it is slit 24 inches, that means you get two rolls.

One bundle. The two rolls of 24 inches equals one bundle of 48 inch. So if you do it by 12 inch, you get four rolls. One, two, three, four, and one bundle of 48 inch. So if a company prices you buy the roll, you have to multiply it X amount of times to equate to the bundle. So you can be paying two times more, three times more, four times more.

Whatever the roll count is to add up to the bundle. Confused yet?

Well, at Chu’s, we’ve priced it by the bundle, so you know exactly what you’re paying for, you know exactly what you’re getting. That way you can avoid the confusion. For more information on bubble wrap and our other bubble products, please visit our website at

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