You can learn a few quick tips on how to spot a few red flags when buying tape.

These tactics can result in you overpaying for tape AND getting less than what you paid for.

Always check the weight and dimensions before buying tape.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here. This is actually part two of our product mislabeling video. The first time we talked about how stretch film gets mislabeled, this time, we’re going to talk about tape. The simplest way for companies to mislead you with tape is to shorten the roll.

Our standard roll is 100 meters or 109.4 yards. We seen companies label their boxes as 100 yards along, which is only 91 meters. So you’re actually getting 10% less tape and not really saving any money at all. Like we mentioned with stretch film, easiest way to spot these rolls are 1. weight. Here we have, is our super tape plus 48 millimeters.

As you see here, 100 meters long, 210 is our 2.0 thickness. And the weight here you can see is 9.5 kilograms or 21 pounds. Anything less than that, then there’s something missing. Also, just by looking at the rolls, you should be able to spot the discrepancy. Here’s one of our standard 2 x 110 rolls.

And here is something that we just came across. As you see side by side, there’s a huge difference in diameter and circumference of the tape. So you’re getting way less material on this. Ours is 109.4 yards. This one’s probably closer to 90 or 80 yards. This happens a lot in the packaging world. And our goal is to inform you whether you buy it from us or not.

We just want to make sure that you’re getting the product that you’re paying for with your hard earned money. For more information on our entire carton sealing tape lineup, please visit our website at