Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here today, I’m going to talk about why there is a need for high end masking tapes and painter’s masking tapes. Much like everything else in the packaging industry, not all masking tapes are created equal. At Chu’s, we offer a general purpose masking tape that can be used for contractors.

It’s quick, easy to tear and inexpensive. We also offer some high-end masking tapes and painters tapes. The biggest difference is that adhesive that’s used is specially formulated to have a really strong tack, but not leave any residue. This makes the higher end masking tape ideal to use on expensive countertops, flooring, cars, or anything that you don’t want to have to clean up afterwards.

Our blue painter’s tape also has a UV coating on it. So when you leave it outside and it gets hit by direct sunlight, it won’t deteriorate as quickly as a regular masking tape. Another difference is the paper is a lot smoother. So for people that are working: contractors, painters, a lot of touching of the paper, it doesn’t scuff up their hands.

So depending on what type of job you’re doing, picking the right masking tape is always important. For more information on masking tapes or painters tape, and our full product line, please visit our website at