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How can you avoid overspending or even underspending to protect the products in your box that you’re shipping?

A few adjustments might save you thousands of dollars in returns or reimbursements.

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone, Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here. One product category that we sell a lot of is our cushioning and void fill. It seems like every customer uses some type of item from here, but do you need void fill or do you need cushioning? And are you spending too much money or too little money

protecting your product. I’ll show you the difference. Void fill is simply filling up space. If you have an open box like this and you have a small item that’s not breakable, you just wanna fill that space. So how many times have you ordered something small like a USB drive and it comes in a box this big. So void fill is just to keep this from moving around.

We has different products like that. Like kraft paper, you see it bunched up in here, you know, keep it from moving around or packing peanuts. Very inexpensive options, very effective for just void filling. Cushioning is more about protection. Products that you don’t want to get damaged during transit like this bottle of sauce here, it’s made out of glass.

If I put it in here, it’s gonna roll around and bang around by the time it gets to the customer, it’s going to leak everywhere and I’m going to get a return. If I use something light like a kraft paper, still going to do the same thing. Products we have to fix that are are bubble wrap. You can use bubble, wrap, air pillows, little more expensive option.

You need a machine side it up. But very effective. We can do custom foam. If you wanna get to that route, it also have other types of foam that you can use. Whatever works for you and your product, we’ll have it. So for more information about void fill and cushioning, please visit our website at

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