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Cold temperature for low temperature conditions is your ideal solution when you’re dealing with extremely cold climates or settings.

Regular hot melt tape can work only to a certain extent.

If you’re dealing with boxes that go through harsh conditions, your best bet is to use cold temp tape to make sure that your shipments make it to their destination without any issues.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone. Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here.

Today we’re going to talk about cold temperature tape and when you need it.

Our standard hot melt tape works great. It has a great adhesive, good tack, but when the ambient temperature drops, the heat stiffens up and doesn’t stick as well, leaving you with a bunch of half opened boxes.

With our specially formulated cold temperature, hot melt tape, you have an application temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just about 7 degrees Celsius.

It’s great for seafood, meat and produce packing plants where you’re working in freezer conditions. Also if you’re not packaging food, but your warehouse gets really cold in the winter time, like in the east coast or the California desert, this cold temperature tape will solve all of your problems. For more information on a regular carton, sealing tape, and cold temperature tape, please visit our website at

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