Today we’re going over machine tape and handheld tape.

Machine Tape vs Handheld Tape:

In short, machine tape is designed to be used on an automated case sealer and handheld tape has the ability to be used with a hand tape gun dispenser.

For machine tape, it’s great for machine operators and packers to use on the machine in order to keep it running without having to change out the roll more frequently.

The tape material itself is identical in terms of materials and adhesive. How they’re used is dependent on your operations.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here. Today, we’re going to talk about the difference between hand tape and machine tape. The name machine tape, might sound a little intimidating, but all it means is that it’s designed to work on an automated case sealer. Side-by-side, you can tell the difference automatically of the differences in the diameter.

This is a hand roll. This is the machine roll. Standard hand roll is 110 yards, or a hundred meters. A standard machine roll is a thousand yards long or 914 meters. So there’s a big difference there. Essentially they’re the same tape, we use the same film, we use the same adhesive, but the handle is much smaller so you could use it on a hand tape gun dispenser.

And like I said earlier, the machine tape is set up to use on an automated case sealer. The extra length on the machine tape allows the operator or the packer to run it quickly, high volume, high speeds through the case sealer. And get it out without having to stop every five minutes to change out the roll. For more information on all our hand, machine and carton sealing tapes, please visit our website at