If you’re in the business of shipping products, you know that every cent counts. One area where costs can sneak up on you is your choice of packing tape. Today, we’re going to break down the costs of two popular types of tape: polypropylene tape and water activated tape. Don’t worry, we’ll keep the math simple and straightforward.

The Contenders:

Polypropylene Tape Costs

Size: 72mm by 100m 2.0 mil
Cost: Around $2.10 per roll

Water Activated Tape Costs

Size: 72mm by 137m reinforced
Cost: Around $7.50 per roll
We’ll use a standard 16 X 16 box for our calculations.

The Math: Breaking Down the Costs

Step 1: Measure the Tape Needed
Let’s say you’re sealing your box with a 3-inch overhang on each side. That totals 22 inches of tape per box.

Step 2: Calculate the Cost Per Box
Polypropylene Tape
Cost per roll: $2.10
Cost to seal one side of the box: About 1 cent
Cost to seal both sides (top and bottom): About 2 cents

Water Activated Tape

Cost per roll: $7.50
Cost to seal one side of the box: About 3 cents
Cost to seal both sides (top and bottom): About 6 cents
Step 3: Multiply by Volume
Now, think about how many boxes you’re shipping each week. Multiply the cost per box by that number, and you’ll see how the costs can add up.

Pros and Cons

While polypropylene tape is cheaper, water activated tape offers better performance and security. It’s almost like buying insurance for your packages. If you’re dealing with returns or damaged goods, the extra cost might just give you peace of mind.

Which Should I Choose?

Choosing the right tape for your packaging needs is more than just picking the cheapest option. It’s about understanding the long-term costs and benefits. Hopefully, this simple breakdown helps you make a more informed decision.